Monday, 16 January 2012

stay the same,plezzz !

Don't you ever wish 
You were someone else 
You were meant to be 
The way you are exactly 
Don't you ever say 
You don't like the way you are 
When you learn to love yourself 
You're better off by far 
And I hope you always stay the same 
'Cause there's nothing 'bout you I would change 

I think that you could be 
Whatever you wanted to be 
If you could realize 
All the dreams you have inside
 Don't be afraid 
If you got something to say 
Just open up your heart 
And let it show you the way 

Believe in yourself 
Reach down inside 
The love you find will set you free 
Believe in yourself 
You will come alive 
Have faith in what you do 
You'll make it through 

Don't change!

p/s : semalam mimpi ada orang nyanyi lagu nie !
don't know !
hermmm , mugkin sehari dua nie aq fikir alangkah indah aq jadi orang lain !
aq cam xhargai gapo hok aq ada ,
terasa bahagia tengok diri orang lain:) 
but now ,
rupanye ada lagi orang yang saye aq , walaupun dikelilingi ngan orang yang BENCIKAN aqu ..
thanks awop,nyanyikan..
walaupun dalam mimpi ..

p/s : saye saye awop!


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