Saturday, 18 January 2014

what we ask, and what ALLAH gave :)

I feel like sharing something ,
a turning point of my life.
I've dealt with so many hardships and misfortunes for the past year ,
my heart was never at ease.
All I do was complain, wondering what if and what could have been.

I asked ALLAH for strength and ALLAH gave me difficulties to make me strong .
I asked ALLAH for wisdom and ALLAH gave me problems to solve . 
I asked ALLAH for courage and ALLAH gave me obstacles to overcomes .
I asked ALLAH for love and ALLAH gave me troubled people to help .
I asked ALLAH for favours and ALLAH gave me opportunities .
Maybe I received nothing i wanted, but I received everything I needed .

Because I now really understand my plans didn't turn out the way I wanted .
because He has better ones for me.